Three-Year Certificate Agreement

Students who agree to complete their chosen certificate program in three years or less will have their certificate registration fee waived ($125 value) and their last course will be paid for by UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education (up to $675). This agreement is for new students only. Previous registration fees cannot be refunded and previously completed coursework will not be applied toward the certificate. 

Attendance is mandatory for all course dates and students must receive a passing grade in each class. In order to actuate the final free class of the certificate program, students must contact their program representative prior to enrolling. The final course must be completed in compliance with the course syllabus. Extensions, incompletes or other petitions will not be granted. If you are unable to complete the program in the three-year timeframe, or choose to petition for an incomplete grade or extension, you may forfeit the opportunity to receive your final course for free. In this situation, a student would revert to a plan that requires you to complete your certificate within five years, and would be required to pay the $125 registration fee, along with any additional fees associated with the course.

Tuition and the registration fee are the only expenses covered under this agreement. Textbooks, additional course materials, parking and any other expenses that may be incurred are the responsibility of the student.

Participation in the program will require at least one pre-counseling session with a program coordinator on our staff. Upon completion of the pre-counseling session, students will receive a form confirming their intent to commit to the program. Upon receipt of the completed form of intent, students will have 3 years from the date of their signed form to complete the certificate.

Students are responsible for enrolling in their courses via our website or by contacting our Student Services Office at 530-757-8777.  However, it is recommended that students schedule quarterly counseling sessions with their program coordinator to help map out their academic path.

We realize that things happen, so if your plans change, a request to drop a course or transfer to another course must be received 7 days prior to the 1st day of the course. A $30 processing fee may apply. For additional information about refund and transfer policies, please click here.

For any questions in regards to the program or to discuss changes to academic plans, please contact the program administrator at or 530-757-8777.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will the three-year agreement save me on the cost of my certificate?
  • The amount this program will save you, as a percentage of the total cost of the certificate, will depend on which program you are enrolled in and how many required courses/electives are required. But participants who successfully complete their certificate within the three-year time limit will have their certificate registration fee ($125) waived and the cost of their final course covered (up to $675).
  • Can one of the required courses in my certificate program be my free course?
  • Yes. As long as the required course is the last courses needed to complete your certificate program, we will cover the cost of the final class (up to a value of $675).
  • Can I participate in this agreement if I have already completed classes in my certificate program?
  • This agreement is only available to new students who have not yet paid their registration fee and entered the program. Students who have completed previous courses may join, but their previous course work will not count toward the certificate.
  • When does the three-year countdown towards completion of the certificate begin?
  • The three-year time frame begins when the student completes and submits the necessary form agreeing to their participation in this program.
  • What happens if I do not complete the program in the required three-year period?
  • If the student does not complete the program in three years, they will no longer be eligible to receive their last class for free or have their registration fee waived. They will still be able to complete the certificate program and will have 5 years to do so from the date of the first course applied to their certificate.
  • Can I enroll in courses without enrolling in the three-year agreement?
  • Yes, but those courses taken before will not apply to your agreement if you choose to sign up for later. All courses can be taken individually and may be eligible for APA/AICP, MCLE or REHS professional credit.
  • Can I still apply discounts to my courses even if I sign up for this agreement?
  • Yes. Individual course discounts may still be applied at time of enrollment. Please check individual courses pages that are currently open for enrollment to see available discounts and restrictions. Discounts cannot be applied after enrolling ini a course and discounts are not stackable.