Instructor Spotlights and Insights

Instructor Spotlight: Jennifer Rohrs

Viticulture consultant Jennifer Rohrs brings her background in plant ecology to the classroom. As an instructor in the Winemaking Certificate Program, she aims to anchor students in the biology of the vine itself and introduce them to all the interactions that happen in the vineyard.

Instructor Spotlight: Erez Powell

Erez Powell is a software engineer who has worked for multinational corporations, startups and everything in between. Most of his professional experiences stem from the digital games industry, reinforced by his work in educational technology and mobile app development. He joins UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education as an instructor in the Python for Data Science, Web and Core Programming Professional Concentration.

Brewing with Jon Hughes

Jonathan Hughes, director of brewing and sensory science at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education, has extensive insight on the brewing industry and the experience and training necessary to be a part of it. Here’s a summary of our conversation on brewing trends and the direction of CPE’s Brewing Program.