Intermediate Accounting: Part I


There are many theories about the practice of accounting, but actually incorporating those concepts into daily use is another matter. Designed for anyone wanting to better understand modern accounting principles, as well as those seeking to advance themselves professionally, this course focuses on providing you with the knowledge and skills to apply sound accounting techniques in practical ways. Through engaging online lectures and discussion forums, you’ll explore a variety of topics, including the recording, valuation and presentation of cash, temporary investments, receivables and inventories. You’ll also be introduced to accounting concepts for physical plants and equipment, intangibles, current assets and liabilities, fixed asset accounting and current obligations. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to practically apply modern accounting concepts in your job and use financial accounting data in your day-to-day decision-making process.

Learning Outcomes

  • Confidently apply accounting standards
  • Utilize the accounting information system
  • Practice income support and revenue recognition
  • Maintain balance sheets and statements of cash flows

Skills You Will Gain

  • Accounting standards
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Accounting for cash, receivables and inventory
  • Accounting for plant assets, equipment, intangible assets and liabilities

Academic Units
Section Number
Instruction Method
Online class

Association Credits

American Institute of CPAs (CPE)
40.00 CPE hours

Section Notes

This course is a paced-asynchronous course, which means that all students will be proceeding through the course at the same time. The course consists of online materials, reading assignments, written assignments and discussion forums. The lessons open on a weekly basis throughout the duration of the class. The time it takes you to complete each lesson depends on your individual approach and learning style, but in a given week, students can generally expect to spend approximately:

  • 5-6 hours in online lectures and discussion forums
  • 5-6 hours of work outside of class on readings and assignments

Students can enroll through January 10th. The course begins on January 8th and ends March 31st.  
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Enrollment Policies

Drop requests (withdraw with a refund) will be approved, less a $30 processing fee, if the request is received before the refund deadline: January 23, 2024. Refunds and/or enrollment transfers will not be approved after this date. Visit to view complete enrollment policy information including details on withdrawals and transfers. 

All drop requests for Fast Track students must be approved by program office first.


Principles of Financial Accounting (Pass)

Technical Requirements

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Section Course Materials

Intermediate Accounting

ISBN10: 1260310175 Rental
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Spiceland, Nelson and Thomas
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Connect Access Digital for Intermediate Accounting

ISBN10: 1260356752 w/ eText
Just get Connect Access Card with eText included ISBN10: 1260356752 for $168. OR Bundle loose-leaf and Connect Access Card ISBN10: 1260696324 for $264.
Spiceland, Nelson and Thomas
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