Construction Project Management: Bid and Beyond


Construction managers need to be aware of potential problems and pitfalls when bidding and managing their own projects. Through a combination of lectures and group exercises, this course will examine leadership concepts and forward thinking project delivery methods, such as Design/Build and CM at Risk, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and more. You will evaluate industry employment opportunities, distinguish differences between public and private construction projects, discuss LEAN construction principles, practice using Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, learn enhanced marketing techniques and the RFP process. This course will also help you identify techniques to overcome potential problems and pitfalls when managing your own projects. By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the entire delivery process from design development through construction completion.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply next generation project delivery concepts such as Design/Build, CM at Risk and Integrated Project Delivery
  • Utilize techniques to successfully cross-manage cost, schedule, quality and most importantly, safety
  • Examine a variety of components within the project delivery process, such as long-term programming, planning, business development, marketing, financing, risk aversion and mitigation, public relations and relationships
  • Write marketing plans that support your company’s long-term goals, strengths and experience
  • Plan construction projects that meet the goals and vision of the owner and all project stakeholders

Skills You Will Gain

  • Construction management
  • Project Delivery
  • Program management
  • Preconstruction
Academic Units
Section Number
Instruction Method
Online class

Section Notes

This is an online course with class materials that can be accessed throughout the week. The course is structured to move from one week to the next.

Access to the online course platform, Canvas, will be granted to students one business day before the scheduled start date of the course.

Textbook information will be updated on this course page under Section Course Materials at least one month before the start of the course.

Certificate students: Students must earn a grade of C or higher (not a C minus) in order for this course to count towards the requirements for the Construction Management Certificate. Courses applied towards the Construction Management Certificate must be completed within five years.

Refund deadline: July 22, 2024. Refunds and/or enrollment transfers will not be approved after this date.

Enrollment Policies

Drop requests (withdraw with a refund) will be approved, less a $30 processing fee, if the requested by the refund deadline on 7/22/24. Click here to view complete enrollment policy information including details on withdrawals and transfers.

Students have the first week of class to enroll with the understanding that students who enroll after the first day of class are expected to reach out to their instructors to make sure they receive all content and are on track with the course.

Technical Requirements

All elements of this class will be conducted online. Students must have a computer with access to the internet and an email account in order to complete this course. Students must be able to download and upload files from and to the online classroom. To ensure your success in this course, please review our technical requirements page.

Section Course Materials

Construction Project Management: A Complete Introduction

10: 0982703430 / ISBN 13: 978-1119583080
Students may buy materials from any online source, provided that they obtain the specified edition.
Alison Dykstra
Kirshner Books

Building Construction Illustrated

10: 111958308X / ISBN 13: 978-0982703434
Francis D. K. Ching


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