Construction Management Fast Track Certificate Program


The Fastest Way to Advance Your Career as a Construction Manager

UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education's Fast Track Certificate is a convenient way to accelerate your training and jump start your career in the construction industry.

  • Stay the course with Fast Track: complete the certificate in 12 months 
  • Save over $900 with our pre-pay pricing option
    • 15% discount on all classes
    • Save $125 - Your Declaration of Candidacy fee will be automatically paid when you enroll

UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education's "Fast Track" Certificate format is a convenient way to focus your training and quickly advance your career. But we understand that enrolling in this program is a time commitment that you may or may not be ready for just yet, which is why we created entry points in all four academic quarters. So, no matter what quarter works best for you, there is a fast track pathway for your education.

To participate in the Fast Track option, enroll in an open section, pay for the program (at the discounted Fast Track rate) and Student Services will place you in the required courses.

For students who are enrolled in a pre-pay package series of courses, requests to drop a course or transfer to a different course in the series must be received by the refund deadline for the individual course and the listed processing fee will be applied. Requests to exit a Prepay Package series of courses prior to completion may result in a refund of remaining funds after the full course fee is assessed for each class completed in the series. Contact the program coordinator to discuss changes to the Prepay Package series of courses.

Academic Units
Section Number
Instruction Method
Online class

Section Notes

By enrolling in the Construction Management Fast Track Certificate Program, students are enrolled in all six courses in the program starting in Spring 2024 and ending with the Winter 2025 quarter. Specific dates are estimated and subject to change.

As part of the Fast Track program, students will take the courses following the schedule below. Students who need to change from the set course plan as outlined below will have to withdraw from the Fast Track program and are subject to additional fees. Students must earn a grade of C , 74%, or higher (C minus, 73% or below, does not count as a passing grade) in order for this course to count towards the requirements for the Construction Management Certificate.

Spring 2024
Construction Accounting & Financial Management (234CNM101) - April 2, 2024 to June 25, 2024

Summer 2024
Construction Law & Contracts (241CNM103)- July 9, 2024 to September 17, 2024
Construction Plan Reading & Specifications (241CNM111) - July 9, 2024 to September 17, 2024

Fall 2024
Project Planning, Scheduling & Control (242CNM102) - September 24, 2024 to December 3, 2024
Estimating, Preconstruction & Bidding (242CNM104) - September 24, 2024 to December 17, 2024

Winter 2025
Construction Project Management - Bid & Beyond (243CNM105) - January 14, 2025 to March 25, 2025

This program includes courses that use software, like On Screen Takeoff (OST), which are only compatible with Windows. Students must have a Windows-compatible computer to use in these courses. Windows can be run on Apple computers using a program like Boot Camp. Students will be provided software licenses. Students who enroll early will receive their student licenses around the start of the relevant course.

Please note that the Project Planning, Scheduling and Control course contain 5 live webinars on Zoom. Students will be notified of these dates.

Enrollment Policies

Refund deadline: 4/15/2024. Refunds and/or enrollment transfers will not be approved after this date.

Click here to view complete enrollment policy information including details on drops, refunds, and transfers.

Technical Requirements

All elements of this class will be conducted online. Students must have a computer with access to the internet and an email account in order to complete this course. Students must be able to download and upload files from and to the online classroom. To ensure your success in this course, please review our technical requirements page.