Advances in Stone Fruit Production


These online training modules are designed for small-scale growers and/or beginner farmers. These modules complement the UC Davis Fruit and Nut Research and Information Center's (FNRIC) annual short course on Principles of Fruit & Nut Tree Growth, Cropping & Management, which covers the fundamentals of tree biology essential in making sound orchard management and business decisions in growing tree fruit and nut crops in California. If, after taking these online courses you would like more in-depth information on the topics covered, you may want to consider taking FNRIC's annual Principles Short Course. The in-person course incorporates lectures, hands-on lab exercises and field demonstrations to provide information on all aspects of basic plant biology and the relationship between plant biology and fruit and nut orchard management.

Note: Special recognition goes to the CDFA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, the 2015 Walnut Short Course attendees, the California Pistachio Research Board and Mountain View Cold Storage for supporting this project.

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This course is offered in English and Spanish. Please make sure you enroll in the section of the course that meets your language needs.

The course will be accessible until December 31, 2024.

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