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Using Zoom is a Piece of Cake with OLLI Tutors

OLLI's Zoom Task Force is Here to Help

Feeling like you need a little extra help to be comfortable taking classes online?  OLLI volunteers are ready and willing to assist you with on-the-phone tutoring. Our fantastic, patient and friendly Zoom Task Force can help you with everything from downloading Zoom to your device and learning how to log-in to classes to personalizing your sound and video settings or understanding how to attend classes by telephone only. Best of all, our tutors are fellow OLLI members – you know, people who were born long before the era of smart phones and iPads? And it’s free to anyone who wants to learn Zoom in order to attend OLLI. To arrange a personal tutorial email us at We’ll get back to you right away!

Keep Calm and Attend a Special Interest Groupheadshot of OLLI instructor Grazia Jaroff

While wildfires fill the skies with smoke and the pandemic keeps us sheltering at home, people are reporting a new wave of fatigue, lack of focus and loss of purpose. If any of those words describe where your heart and mind are at, we recommend making time on Friday, September 4, 2020 for the Yoga and Meditation Special Interest Group with instructor, Grazia Jaroff.

An email from OLLI member Sandy Mansfield is a timely testimonial to this exceptional bi-weekly gathering:

"Dear OLLI staff: I would just like to say how much I have been enjoying and benefiting from the Yoga and Meditation Special Interest Group. In this informal hour, we have learned Yoga sutras and the positive impact their lessons can have on our lives today. Yoga is NOT just poses and stretching exercises. It is breathing and lessons that help us to handle what life gives us...even in this world today. The lessons make you feel better and hence - better for those around you. It is a 'breath of fresh air' in my life, especially in these times. Thanks for offering it!"

This Week's Special Interest Group Lineup

To get Zoom links for our Special Interest Groups, join OLLI for just $20. You’ll also get free weekly links to our YouTube channel with a great selection of historic OLLI courses. Register for our Special Interest Groups today! 

Registration for Fall Zoom Classes is Happening Now

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Photo from the cover of OLLI's fall 2020 Catalog. Photo by Aaron Toh, Courtesy of Amy Osborne (PolarTREC 2019), Courtesy of ARCUS

OLLI has an enticing variety of online courses for fall. There’s something for every taste among our new courses: The Origins and Development of Country Rock Music; Three Kaisers, a War and ExileThe Book of Job; Introduction to the Graphic Novel; Space Force; Diving into AntarcticaMaking the Earth and the Moon – and so many more! The new OLLI catalog is now available online. Download the fall catalog now. You can register online or by calling student services at (530) 757-8777 weekdays from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. For further details, contact the OLLI office at

For a complete listing of all our available fall courses, visit our online registration page.