Step into a New Learning Experience with OLLI volunteer chair, Charlotte Lucero

Hello Fellow OLLI Members!

As we all are learning to transition from our conventional social connections, we are stepping into a new and exciting experience: you may want to check the free Zoom Virtual online training .

  • This is an opportunity to learn a bit more about using the Zoom Virtual experience.  I am sharing this with you as you may want to sign up for their free, 30-minute training service.
  • Your colleagues and friends may also register for Zoom Training by visiting:

For further information: Zoom offers a wealth of resources through their support site, including how-to articles, troubleshooting tips, training videos, and support team contact information. Please visit

Zoom is a wonderful tool to keep our OLLI family connected and learning together. I hope you'll join me in adopting this exceptional tool to continue enjoying OLLI.

Charlotte Lucero, Volunteer Chair