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OLLI Members Asked to Help with COVID Research

UC Researcher and OLLI Guest Lecturer has a Special Request for You!

On January 27 OLLI proudly hosted a free lecture on COVID-19 and Resilience by UC Davis researcher, Dr. Clare Cannon, from the UC Davis Department of Human Ecology.

Dr. Cannon is part of a research team working with Tulane University in measuring the public’s reaction to stress and change during the current pandemic, and is specifically looking at the relationship between living through a worldwide health crisis and individual resilience.

Now, Dr. Cannon is asking for the help of OLLI members to participate in the survey: Predictors of COVID-19 Resilience Study.

So what is the Predictors of COVID-19 Resilience Study and why is it being done?

This online research study will investigate the factors that result in disaster preparedness and resilience during the COVID 19/Coronavirus Pandemic. This study will investigate and ask questions on the role of your previous disaster experience, how you handle stress and change, your current living situation during the COVID19/Coronavirus and include some background information. You are being asked to participate in this research study because the information you provide will be used to assist with essential disaster research that will aid and assist with preparedness planning for future events such as COVID19. A total number of 2,000 individuals will participate in this study, from regions and countries around the globe being impacted by the COVID19/Coronavirus.

Checking in with our OLLI Colleagues, A Message from the OLLI Executive Board

Dear OLLI Members,

January 2021 arrived with a lot of hope and positive changes for a new year. Vaccines have become available to seniors - a welcome relief as we get back to some degree of familiar “normalcy.” We are still being asked to practice social distancing and staying within our daily bubbles (aka family and small groups). And, we need to remain diligent: washing hands, wearing masks (maybe even double masks for a while) and social distancingfor a bit longer.

For many, 2020 meant postponed travel, celebrating holidays differently from our norm; and missing getting at least seven required hugs a day. Most aren’t quite open to travel or even getting those much-needed family and friendship hugs. But we are a lot closer than we were even a few months ago! 

We have found there is one way we can stay connected - taking part in the many great OLLI classes offered via Zoom.  We have a telephone support team to help you get set up and show you how easy it is to link into an OLLI class. And one BIG benefit - no driving or parking concerns!

You can relax in the comfort of your home and participate with OLLI colleagues. We all long to get back to a traditional classroom. Until then, join the many OLLI members who have found the Zoom connection as the next best alternative. We are now considering the possibility of offering hybrid (combined virtual and traditional classroom) experiences so you can pick the option that works best for you. 

Many OLLI fans have stayed connected to OLLI this past year. Taking classes live online has been essential to our self-care and maintaining connections with new and old friends. We encourage you to consider taking a class during the Winter Quarter 2021. We ask all members to consider becoming part of the many activities that OLLI has planned. And now that we are virtual, we encourage you to invite family, friends, and colleagues to join OLLI and share this wonderful experience with you!

We will keep you updated as events are scheduled via the OLLI Blog and email.

The Winter catalog is available online and linked here for your convenience. 

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If you have questions, please contact the OLLI Staff:

  • Lisa or Leslie at the OLLI office
  • Email:
  • Office phone: 530-752-9695 (voicemail only)

We encourage everyone interested in getting their COVID vaccination to contact your primary physician and ask when and where you will be receiving yours. Yolo County Health and Human Services (530-666-8643) are also scheduling appointments for age 65 and older.

Stay safe, and stay hydrated.


Dale Good, Membership Committee Chair

Charlotte Lucero, Volunteer Committee Chair