headshot of Dave Hawke

Message from the OLLI President

Dear OLLI Members,

This message is to keep you informed about your OLLI program. While life and routine things have significantly slowed or been drastically modified, our OLLI program has had to do so as well to protect our membership and staff. However, I want you to know that your OLLI Board, Curriculum Committee members, Program Director and staff have been diligently working to keep OLLI viable.

By viable, take for instance this past Monday, the Curriculum Committee and Board conducted regular monthly meetings using Zoom conferencing technology. Both meetings permitted business to be accomplished and all participants had the opportunity to contribute his or her thoughts. Powerful. In fact, with respect to meetings and logistics associated with such meetings, Zoom conferencing provides flexibility and opportunities to be more creative not to mention save time and money.

With respect to OLLI classes, we are limited by official directives from UC Davis and UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education to follow shelter-at-home practices, social distancing, etc. These constraints are critically important for all of us to weather this crisis. However, with technologies such as Zoom and YouTube we can continue to provide some OLLI venues such as Crossroads America, Reading The New Yorker, Memoirs Writing Workshop, etc. Of course, there are issues to be worked out as is true with any new venture. Your OLLI team is working on these issues. So stay tuned in and we’ll keep you informed.

In the meantime, stay strong and healthy. Also, please forward your comments and suggestions to the OLLI at olli@ucdavis.edu

Best wishes,
Dave Hawke
President – OLLI Executive Board