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Great New Programs Coming Your Way this Week

Two new courses are now listed on open for enrollment on our registration page:

Join us on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 in welcoming Dr. Stephen Hoadley live from Auckland, New Zealand! His topic, Pandemics and their Influence on Geopolitics will review how, Stephen Hoadley and course titlethrough history, upsurges of disease have compelled significant geopolitical shifts, as well as economic and social changes. Only in the last century we appeared to prevail over diseases such as smallpox, malaria and polio…but new ones keep attacking us! We will review some of the geopolitical consequences of past epidemics from the Roman Empire to the British Empire. The second half of the session will include the instructor's speculations regarding the current coronavirus and potential international political effects related to how President Trump and President Xi are managing it. To enroll, contact Student Services at (530) 757-8777 or enroll online.

Don’t miss this week’s Special Interest Discussion Groups

Register for this ongoing free series online. Zoom link details are provided in your enrollment confirmation email.

Additional courses now open for enrollment

Several new Summer courses are posted on our registration page:

  • Jul. 27-Aug.17 – Systemic Racism with Prof. John Liu
  • Aug. 1-29 - Guided Autobiography Workshop with Lisa Smith Youngs - waitlisted
  • Aug. 4- 25 - Cinema Chez Rene with Rene Viargues
  • Sept. 3 - Burning Man – a Photo Essay with Laurie Friedman
  • Sept. 9 - The 2020 Presidential Election: a Geopolitical Turning Point? with Prof. Steven Hoadley

Links for OLLI YouTube classes are included with summer memberships. Just look at these great titles!

  • Yolo County History: A Sense of Place - Session 1 with Joann Larkey
  • Influenza and Other Viral Illnesses - Session 1 with Dr. Christian Sandrock
  • Climate Change: Why The Earth is Getting Hotter - Session 2 with Professor Brian Higgins
  • Written on Subway Walls Early Music of Simon and Garfunkel - Part 1 with Larry Lobre
  • Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne and Beyond with Candace Wray

For further details, contact our staff via email at OLLI@ucdavis.edu.