Collab beer can and beer in glass by UC Davis Master Brewers students
Invito Italian Pilsner: UC Davis Beer School Friends Collaboration (Photo courtesy of Logan Jager)

What’s Brewin’?

Three Master Brewers alum brew up an inviting Italian pilsner

Logan Jager graduated from the Master Brewers Certificate Program in 2020. Since then, he’s been busy gearing up to launch, Western Flyer Brewing, slated to open in summer 2024 in Lafayette, California. In the meantime, he’s brewing beer and collaborating with fellow Master Brewers alumni, Parker Rush of Narrows Brewing in Tacoma, Washington, and Hernan Castellani “Sir Hopper” of Buenos Aires, Argentina. “We became Best Beer School Buds from day one, and have kept in touch sharing laughs, insights and great peer advice ever since,” says Jager.  

Three UC Davis Master Brewers grads pose in a brewery
It's always a full day of laughs when these Master Brewers Program alums get together. Hernan Castellani of Sir Hopper (left), Parker Rush of Narrows Brewing (center), and Logan Jager of Western Flyer Brewing (right)

According to Jager, “Hernan, who was already a successful brewer with a huge following in his native Argentina (under his alter ego turned brand, Sir Hopper), came to UC Davis to learn from the best in North America, and Parker was a rising star of the Seattle brewing scene and would go on to purchase Narrows Brewing shortly after graduating from the Master Brewers Program.”  

All fans of lagers, the three decided their reunion beer would be a crisp, aromatic Italian pilsner:  

Beer Name: Invito Italian Pilsner: UC Davis Beer School Friends Collaboration
Style: Italian Pilsner
Specs: 4.9% ABV, a crisp floral take on the neo-classic style, brewed with Hallertau Mittelfruh and dry-hopped with Saphir  

Jager and Castellani travelled to Parker’s Narrows Brewing facility to brew the one-off batch, which they describe as a “delicate, floral larger that’s dry hopped, adding beautiful grassy notes, delicate spice and a slight berry aroma to its refreshing and hoppy taste.” Invito Italian Pilsner was available for a limited time at Narrows Brewing tap room and has since sold out.  

Since the success of their first collaboration, the trio has decided to make a tradition out of it. “Castellani makes the long trek to the top of the globe every year for the Yakima hop harvest, so we’ve decided to make a collaboration between three brands an annual tradition,” says Jager. Up next, they have their sights set on fresh hop beer, given the proximity of Narrows Brewing to Yakima.

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