headshot of CPE enrollment coach Kristy Craig
Kristy Craig, enrollment coach, UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education

Meet Enrollment Coach Kristy Craig

UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) is proud to welcome Kristy Craig, our new enrollment coach, to provide personalized support and program guidance to students as they navigate the enrollment process. With a background in business administration with an emphasis on leadership, Kristy has a passion for education and coaching and is looking forward to helping students achieve their goals through education and skill development.

“Kristy will play a vital role in providing support to students,” said Michelle Kreuzer-Moore, CPE’s executive director of enrollment management. “Her career-focused approach lends itself to help students determine the best courses to support their professional goals.”

“What I enjoy most about coaching students is their excitement and drive. Getting to know their background and building on their present knowledge allows students the opportunity to create the future they are striving for.”

Contact Kristy Today

Schedule a no-cost appointment with Kristy to discuss your options for career advancement, developing new skills or pursuing a career change.

As a former student of CPE, Kristy has first-hand knowledge of the continuing and professional education student experience. She understands the struggles that working professionals face when pursuing an education. “I get that life is busy and hectic, so I find it extremely important to be fully transparent about program requirements, structure and benefits,” she said. “My goal is to set students up for success by discussing the flexible class schedules and remote learning options available to them, so they can achieve their goals.”

Contact Kristy if you're interested in Applied Sensory and Consumer Science, Brewing, Cell and Gene TherapyPublic Health or Winemaking.

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