UC Davis Pre-College Program: Theater: Acting & Performance

Considering participation in a university theater program or a career in performing arts? Forge your creative path with our Theater: The Art of Acting and Performance program.

This fun, immersive program is designed to engage learners from multiple perspectives and expand their critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills as they explore the craft of acting and why this art form is a valuable part of society. In the classroom, students will explore the symbiotic relationship between art and society, discussing how theater can be used as a means for not only artistic expression but also as a vehicle for social change.

Our student actors will also have the opportunity to go beyond standard classroom study and transform the stage into their personal laboratories, where they’ll discover the craft of acting, effective communication, and the conduct and protocols of working as an actor—as an individual, with a partner, with an ensemble, in class, in rehearsal and in performance.

  • Discuss and analyze current research about the interplay between society and art
  • Engage in studio exercises where you’ll learn techniques for using your voice, body and imagination as part of your creative expression
  • Collaborate with UC Davis faculty and guest teachers who are working actors and will provide honest, constructive feedback on your performances
  • Explore UC Davis’ performance venues, including Main Theatre and the world-class Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts
  • Take in at least one off-campus, professional theatrical performance
  • Prepare and rehearse for a final presentation highlighting the skills you acquired through your work in the program

You’ll walk away from this two-week program inspired and armed with the confidence, self-discipline and communication skills needed to excel in life, as well as a foundation in technique needed to embark on your journey as a performing artist.

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