Training Design and Delivery

Quarter Academic Credit

This course provides the theories, skills, tools and practice needed to design effective training in general Human Resources topics. Course content will cover the theoretical foundations of adult learning theory, concept sequencing and presentation, interactive design strategies, training design management, needs assessment, evaluation, and unleashing creativity in design to increase the comprehension, retention, and measurable application of HR training. Create an interactive learning environment using experiential training methods and facilitate effective group interaction, as well as identify appropriate training activities and materials that will enhance comprehension, retention and application of training material.


  • Develop an understanding of basic concepts and principles of adult learning as they apply to training design.
  • Understand how to budget for training and relevance in the training design process. 
  • Understand and apply the steps of theory to their own instructional design.
  • Experiment with creativity in training design
  • Learn a variety of evaluation techniques and their uses and relevance in the design process.
  • Work with tools to effectively sequence and present training topics for adult learners.
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