Supervisory Skills: Series I

Essential knowledge for supervisors and managers

Expand your ability to motivate, manage and communicate. Supervisory Skills: Series I consists of five,  four-hour, information-packed seminars specifically designed for supervisors and managers new to the role of managing people, or those preparing to move into supervision. Experienced supervisors and managers with little or no formal training in supervision will also benefit from this series, as well as anyone who wants a refresher in the essential tools of supervision. 

Spend your mornings enhancing particular skill areas, and return to your workplace for the remainder of the day, ready to put into practice what you’ve learned that morning.

Take the entire series or take each seminar individually. If you would like to enroll in courses individually, you can find them listed on our website. This allows you the flexibility to enroll in the complete program or select the individual sessions that are most relevant to your needs. 

Earn 4.0 CEUs and receive a certificate of program completion upon finishing Series II (offered spring quarter) and Series I. Seminars include: 

Principles of Supervision and Management

Examine your role as a supervisor and identify your own leadership style. Improve upon your core skills and acquire techniques to enhance your ability to lead.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the 6 Seconds EQ Model. Explore your feelings and responses to those feelings and how they influence and impact your work, relationships and life.

Building a Motivated Workplace

Learn to create a motivating environment by gaining a better understanding of the essentials that increase the likelihood people will want to participate, give extra effort and take an active interest in outcomes.

Working Through Conflict

Become adept at effectively handling difficult situations and developing positive outcomes. Determine the difference between healthy and unhealthy conflict, when to be involved, and specific steps to move to win-win resolutions.

Communication Skills at Work

Focus on active listening, delivery and ways to establish rapport. Gain the ability to convey key information, ideas and enthusiasm to others.

Series II courses include: Juggling Multiple Priorities, Coaching Employees, Moving Through Change, Developing Your Team and Four Generations at Work.  

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