Introduction to Open Source GIS

This class will introduce the concepts and utilization of Open Source GIS and spatial databases in an integrated format. Students taking this course should already have basic knowledge and experience with various GIS data formats (shapefiles, geodatabases, CSVs, Rasters, etc.) and GIS concepts (projections/cooridinate systems and geoprocessing). During in class exercises we will use QGIS 3.6, a cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) open source GIS desktop software, to learn how to make maps by symbolizing, querying and editing data. Students can expect to learn the following concepts:

  • Open Source GIS Data standards
  • Adding data and making a map in QGIS
  • Working with and querying attributes
  • Editing spatial and attribute information
  • Installing and using plugins in QGIS
  • Working with coordinate systems in QGIS
  • Introduction to the concepts of Open Source GIS Web Mapping
Course Code