Fundamentals of ArcGIS Online

Explore how to create surveys to collect information, create web maps and include this data seamlessly into your operations dashboards. Get hands-on training using ArcGIS Online, a powerful suite of web-based applications, including Survey123, Operations Dashboard and StoryMaps. ArcGIS Online is ideal for anyone who wants to collect, share and communicate information using geospatial data but does not require the complex analytical functions of desktop GIS. Through online lectures, demonstrations, videos and hands-on exercises, you’ll learn both analytical and communications functionality for use across a wide variety of fields, as well as practice creating several types of web applications that allow others to access the information in easy-to-understand ways. 


Learning Outcomes 

Understand how to set up groups with different permissions and access, including publishing for different audiences  

Create surveys, connect them to web maps and create dashboards for users to interact with and filter according to their interests and needs 

Learn how to use symbolizing, classifying and labeling features in web maps so they are understandable to users and provide meaningful visualizations of the data 

Gain access to tens of thousands of online data sources  

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