ArcGIS StoryMaps: Digital Storytelling

Stories are powerful communication tools. When combined with an interactive map, a story takes on a greater sense of place, illustrates spatial relationships and possesses a visual appeal that can empower your narrative and have a meaningful impact on the end user.

In this course designed for GIS practitioners who work in a variety of fields, you’ll learn how to effectively use ArcGIS StoryMaps, an application that combines maps, text, videos, photos and other visual media. Through lecture and hands-on exercises, you’ll explore techniques for using StoryMaps’ powerful tools to construct a digital story. The course will also focus on best practices when combining spatial and non-spatial data. Your studies will culminate with the creation of a personal StoryMap that will demonstrate your understanding of the tool, its many features and how they can be leveraged to make information more accessible to peers, stakeholders and the general public.

Learning Outcomes

  • Navigate within ArcGIS Online, including finding data sources and publishing your own data
  • Efficiently utilize StoryMaps’ multi-media tools
  • Effectively combine spatial and non-spatial data
  • Create insightful, engaging stories

Skills You Will Gain

  • ArcGIS Online
  • StoryMaps
  • Storytelling through interactive map design

Who Should Enroll in this Course

  • GIS Analysts
  • GIS Specialists
  • Cartographers
  • Geospatial analysts
  • Non-GIS practitioners who otherwise utilize spatial information for their work 
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