Marketing Craft Beer

Brand recognition in today's highly competitive craft beer industry is becoming increasingly more important, and so is the need to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Gone are the days that a brewery can depend solely on the quality of its beer to remain relevant among its customer base. In this workshop designed for brewery owners, brewing marketers, or those thinking about starting their own craft beer business, you’ll pick up best practices for building and tracking brand awareness. Learn the basic concepts of business marketing and how to apply those concepts to your brewery or beer-related business with an emphasis on Social Media. Topics include building a brand identity, finding your target audience, creating visual appeal and how to apply that to your social media channels.

Learning Outcomes

  • Establish brand identity
  • Identify target audiences for your product
  • Apply visual appeal to your product and marketing materials
  • Leverage social media to build awareness and brand loyalty

Skills You Will Gain

  • Branding
  • Beer marketing
  • Marketing with social media
Course Code