GIS Database Design

Quarter Academic Credit

Review industry-standard and emerging data design technologies for today's natural resource and land use planning. Learn to identify poor data design characteristics, convert logical data definitions and relationships to physical data design, prepare a plan for efficient data loading and manage quality assurance. Analyze real-world examples, including green site selection, government service delivery and sustainability projects. Discuss tabular, spatial, document, image and other types of data formats, as well as new challenges in integrating data of different sources, qualities, scales and complexities. Examine prevailing application development methodologies, such as:

  • Interpreting and documenting business requirements
  • Modeling data relationships
  • Database language options
  • Data population
  • Database administration

Participants will propose, design and populate a database of their choice using spatial and other forms of data.

This course is intended for professionals who desire to include GIS as a tool in land use and resource planning efforts, and will also be beneficial to anyone with a strong desire to incorporate GIS database design and maintenance technology in a systematic and comprehensive manner. The course is directed at those who have a working knowledge of ArcGIS; it is highly recommended that students have experience using ArcGIS or take Introduction to Geographic Information Systems prior to undertaking this course.

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