Forensic Investigation 2 for 10th – 12th Grade

Note: The mature and sometimes graphic nature of the subject matter in this course may be disturbing for sensitive students. Students are encouraged to discuss with their parents/guardians their mutual comfort level with engaging in the activities required in this course before participating in it.

This course is a continuation of Forensic Investigation 1. You are expected to have completed that course before beginning this one.

You will assume the role of a medical intern at Highland Hospital, where you will assist in investigating the case of a college athlete who collapsed on the basketball court. You will follow this patient from the ICU to, unfortunately, the County Medical Examiner’s Office, where you will work with the Medical Examiner to determine the cause of death.

The course comprises the following tasks:

  • Meet with the Family
  • Reflect on Life and Death
  • Prioritize the Differential Diagnosis
  • Conduct an Autopsy
  • Analyze Tissue Samples and Reports
  • Conclude the Investigation

This course will run from 1:00-3:00PM PDT Monday through Friday for one week. Course activities and class meetings are facilitated by industry experts who partner with UC Davis.

Course Code