Beer Recipe Development and Scaling: From Small to Large

Recipe development is a process often overlooked in brewing education. From flavor and aroma to accurate calculations, there are dozens of factors to consider when developing a beer recipe. Knowing where to start and how to achieve the desired outcome can be a challenge for a brewer of any skill level.

In this course taught by Dan Weber, Assistant Brewing Manager at Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales, you’ll learn how to create great beer recipes from one of the best in the business. Through live, online lecture and hands-on calculation and recipe scaling demonstrations, you will learn how to develop and hit targets for fermentability, color, flavor and aroma in your beer designs. You will also be taught how to develop a recipe that achieves a desired color, body and flavor profile, and calculate what they need to get there. By the end of this course, whether you are a novice or a professional brewer, you will possess the knowledge to create great beer recipes, and will understand how to achieve consistency and scalability no matter where you’re brewing your next batch.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply calculations to your beer recipes for achieving desired targets for fermentability, color, flavor and aroma
  • Analyze recipes and calculations to determine flaws
  • Adapt your recipes for quantity and different brewing systems


  • Beer recipe creation
  • Beer recipe calculations
  • Beer recipe scaling
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