Beer Quality: Freshness

Whether you are brewing professionally or in your garage, this guide to beer quality will help you achieve excellent flavor stability in every brew. Designed for brewers of all skill levels, this online course is part of a comprehensive series where beer freshness pioneer Charlie Bamforth guides you through the key markers of beer quality: flavor, foam, color/clarity, freshness and quality systems.

This course will teach you at your own pace how to achieve flavor stability in your products through a series of entertaining and educational online lectures. You will examine why flavor stability matters and how changes in beer occur over time. You’ll also learn how to assess flavor change using your senses and other scientific methods, how to address raw materials and process in enhancing stability and how to prevent the skunking of beer.

Students who successfully complete this course will earn a digital badge, demonstrating their proficiency and advanced education in the subject area. The skill-level digital badge represents a mastery of how to achieve flavor stability in beer.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the importance of flavor stability in beer
  • Examine how beer can change both positively and negatively over time
  • Assess flavor change over time
  • Understand how to enhance stability in beer

Skills You’ll Gain

  • Beer stability enhancement
  • Flavor change assessment
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