Advanced Negotiation and Mediation

Effective leaders and mediators not only preserve a relationship between parties once an agreement has been reached between them, but they also enhance them.

In this course, designed for potential or practicing mediators as well as professionals accustomed to navigating difficult conversations (e.g., lawyers, managers, social workers, planners, teachers, etc.), you will learn the psychological and communicative skills necessary to being effective in mediation and negotiation. Through readings, lectures and live classroom exercises, you will learn how to apply the latest best practices and continue to grow and improve in your competency by applying reflective practice techniques. By the end of this course, you will have gained the communication and analytical skills necessary to be a more effective negotiator.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply reflective practice techniques in your mediation or negotiation process

Skills You Will Gain

  • Communication
  • Recognize verbal/non-verbal cues
Course Code